Gary C.K.Huang
RI President

Ajay Gupta             K K Choudhary
District Governor                Club President

Prakash Saraf
Club Secretary


My Dear Versovites,

Team Versova delivered much more than what I imagined one year back? We witnessed a never before SIlver Jubilee
Charter night celebration on 23/5, witnessed by DG Ajay, Galaxy of Governors, Star Dist. officers and attended by 240
Members, R/Ann, Past presidents and Charter Members, Rotaracts, kids and guests. The event will be remembered
for years, may be untill Golden Jubilee of Club. The day will also be remembered for 100% attendance by members
present in town. Lets expect more....... I congratulate to all of you who won awards and others who won hearts.

Earlier,Saaz Aggarwal took us to our glorious past "Indus Valley to Indira Gandhi". The topic was very complex, but the
speaker really took us for a live tour to ancient India before partition in a very very simplified way. We also enjoyed a
movie which was viewed by 100+ Versovites.

Final Program for May/June has been designed as under;

1) Friday, 29th May 2015: The Club @ 8.30 P.M.
Ms Kalki Koechlin will be grilled by our members in an Adalat. Keep your guns ready to shoot.
She is joining our club as an Honorary Member.

2) Thursday, 11th June: The Club @ 8.30 P.M.
Ms Aditi Surana, A Life Coach and Internationally Certified handwriting analyst will be with us. Get ready for being

3) Wednesday, 24th June 2015: The Club @ 8.30 P.M.
To be announced. Keep Guessing. With this, we come to the end of WOW year. I wish all the best to PE Priti and her
strong team and an accelerated 2015-16 Peak year. Lets Celebrate!! Sayonara and Alvida


Event 1: Adalat by Ms Kalki Koechlin

Event 2:Handwriting analyst - Ms Aditi Surana

Event 3:To be announced....

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